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04 October 2006

Update 0702-014 (8years) Chiang Mai, TH

There have been many planets discovered around other stars in the last 8 years, but we still have only one planet on which we can survive, and other lifeforms and environs too. Our human population has increased, and continues to increase, and our resources decrease, dooming all other species (as well as ourselves) to a more crowded, more polluted, less viable place to live, because of our individual and collective lack of care, selfishness and greed.

We only have ONE planet, which we ALL depend upon. Future expansion into orbital habitats and ships COULD allow more humans (and “chosen” animals) to live within other (very large) containers and become even more than the 7Bn now crowded onto Earth (though only 6Bn have adequate nutrition) but Earth itself is OVERFULL of humans, their food and waste. Though “natural” Earth is a Life Ship, and overloading it will make it no longer capable of saving us all... perhaps none of us. By doing what we should be doing now, this calamity may be lessened.

Problems” are prioritised in and what can COLLECTIVELY be done about it – follow links.

UnitedSpaceAgency belongs to no nation. It is globally funded, provides global benefit in several ways.

Other Planets in our solar system are not suitable for earth creatures. Just the

However, large habitats can be constructed (elsewhere*) and placed in not only Earth orbit, but also solar orbit and interplanetary transfer orbits. *(Deimos is an optional construction base) they can be of enormous size. The rapid buildup of “space junk” (including plutonium) is endangering any future safe access to orbit . We lock ourselves in.

This can then only be fixed from above. If this debris is not reduced (cleaned up) by about 2020 and without a viable community existing above it (E.T. Humans) then future departure from Earth will be less possible. It IS an urgent and important task, more so (#2) than “Global Climate change” at (#3)..

Previously 0410-006

Planet Earth is about to face a very fragile time, as an emergent species, humankind, is still largely bent on relative personal advantage, rather than caring for this wonderful place its many wonderful species and its future.

This planet Earth is in deep crisis, due to


1) Start by assessing it’s likeliness.
2) Consequence is EXTREME, UandI
Well, If something is “unlikely”
1) It should not take precedence over “the much more likely” possibility of hunger’s call…
2) It should be re-assessed in a less urgent brain state – NOT IGNORED

Are we in fact All Doomed
10:36 “Arranging Deckchairs” as PJ commented isn’t very usefull on sinking titanic. Tieing them together could be useful though

Of course, believing the Titanic to be “unsinkable” was the time to consider likely doom – it was to be a big party boat, going for fastest time on its maiden voyage without enough lifeboats, which, it was said, “wouldn’t be needed”

But we’ve learnt little, it seems.

“Since Titanic” and a bit - In the last 100 years, despite TWO world wars, an edipemic that killed more, Aids and other “new” problems, we have FOUR TIMES as many people in the same we share so Unequally.. and many more of those increasing numbers also burn fossil fuels in increasing amounts.

There are no lifeboats for planet earth, It’s nearly 40 years since the first spacesuited moon-walkers and nearly as many since the last.

Doomed? Well, Anyone born this year (2006) is less likely to live 80 years (to 2086) than those born in 1926 we see today – The world has not GOT 80 years of expanding population to feed, water, and waste dispose. The air may not be that great either

Yes, we have got a “Doom” approaching for MOST OF All creatures on this planet, not just humans, but due to us

needs be…

This “doom” may be 30 years away, may be less. It is not today, this week, this year… Business as usual ? Re-arrange those “deck chairs”? well, yes, but we needed to start on our LONG TERM tasks long ago, lets at least make a start now.

I am a wizard. Not in show business, but in “technical workings”. Given enough deck chairs and rope I could make a boat…. But it takes time, tools, deckchairs, rope and some space. Much harder when treading ice cold water in the Atlantic iceberg sea.

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